Fix iTunes Errors While Restoring or Updating or Downgrading iPhone

You might see lots of errors or alert messages when you use iTunes to update/upgrade or downgrade or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Normally these errors are occurred due to older version of operating system on computer or not able to connect to server or older drivers or hardware cable problem.

Fix+iTunes+Errors+While+Restoring+or+Updating+or+Downgrading+iPhone Fix iTunes Errors While Restoring or Updating or Downgrading iPhone
Fix iTunes Errors While Restoring or Updating or Downgrading iPhone

Learn how to fix iTunes errors 4014, 4016, 3194, 3004, 3194, 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1611, ? or errors codes 11, 16, 21 etc?

Basic required settings

  • Need updated iTunes.
  • Need updated operating system.
  • You should know high speed USB HUB port in your PC to connect your iPhone.
  • Updated virus data base in your computer’s security software.
  • Remove extra USB devices.
  • Once you full fill these settings, you must Restart your system.
  • Now try to re-connect your iDevice and start again to process.

Advanced Solutions

If you tried these above steps and the error happens again, follow the advanced steps for your error code. Today we are going to see basic but important tips that probably will not benefit many of you but hopefully it seems beneficial for few of you those stuck into these kinds of problems, this post will save some time which I have wasted for figuring out all of these errors.

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50+ Awesome Free Tools For Web Developers

If you’re a front-end developer or web designer, chances are you spend a lot of time writing mark-up.  Luckily, there are some great tools and projects on the web for improving your next project easily and quickly.

Often you may need a little helping hand to get things done. Today we have tracked down over 50 brilliant free online tools for developers. We’ve included everything from mark-up organizers, grid systems, jQuery plugins, gradient generators and much more.



Introducing Viral Facts Facebook Page

This post was originally posted on TechShali
viral facts Introducing Viral Facts Facebook Page

I was busy with my blogging, website design etc but I have started developing new skills. I have started a new page on Facebook named Viral Facts. This is the only page you need to like on Facebook. This page aims to provide facts from current news, sometimes in satirical way, sometimes just facts. This page is not for fun but some serious facts and news. This will also improve your general knowledge.

AT this time Viral Facts has only fives likes, one is from me, the other is from my wife and rest of likes are from my good friends.

This is a humble request to all my friends, followers, colleagues to like Viral Facts on Facebook. In future I will advertise this page as well. For this I have made budget of 10 thousand dollars. The budget will be spent slowly. I would like this page to reach 1 million likes in coming months.

Introducing The Future Of Facebook – PAPER

Basically Facebook + Flipboard + Instagram + YouTube = PAPER. 


Facebook declared a new app called PAPER for iPhone and Android users. It’s nothing but the re-imaging standalone combination app of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Reader apps. “This is the new and engaging type of mobile experience app” – said by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


Introducing+the+Future+of+Facebook+ +PAPER+ +problogbooster+iPhone+Android Introducing The Future Of Facebook   PAPER


Facebook Creative Labs will bring out the approach marked by Mark Zuckerberg for successful mobile web 2.0 with the plan of single-purpose experiences rather than stuffing more functionality into Facebook’s core app. Paper is the first app available for Android iOS, from Facebook Creative Labs, a creativity to let small teams within Facebook build standalone mobile experiences as if they were get quick start-ups.

Future of Facebook – PAPER | ProBlogBooster


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Online File Sharing Sites

Online file storage is a handy way to share it with others, many online services are now available to store you data online and you can share your data with the world or privately. We can upload and share almost any kind of data. Most of websites provides you full control over your uploaded data, so you can delete any time your files, and your files expires automatically in time of period you have set. When you do not have enough storage in your PC or you like to make a change in your regular ideas you can try online file storage and sharing. Continue reading

Free Photo Editing Tools Online

Slowly everything is going online and photo editing tools are not an exception so result of this revolution is that many Photoshop alternatives have been born. Every online photo editor is useful and worth its existence. Not all the editors are so powerful when comparing to Photoshop but our basic work of photo editing does not require any complex software or editor.
I am going to provide a long list of editors. I think you should be already familiar with some of editors so you have to find out new ones. Continue reading

Online Document Publishing Sites

Online Document Publishing Sites

One of my favorite activity is online book reading, I read so many books, my choice is vary, I know three languages (1) Hindi- my mother tongue (2) English – necessary for everyone (3) Gujarati- Language of the state where I am living right now. Mostly I read English books and documents because most of important information is available only in English.

On the web, there are hundreds of websites for file and document sharing and many websites for online collaboration but in this post, I am going to discuss about document sharing sites.

scribd  p Online Document Publishing Sitestrans Online Document Publishing Sites

Here is a list of 10 websites where you can upload/download and share with others. Continue reading

Check BSNL BroadBand Bandwidth Usage

Learn to check BSNL BroadBand Usage. BSNL Broadband customers in many are worrying about how much BSNL Broadband data usage used, when our free limit crossed. BSNL BB Checking Process.

bsnl Check BSNL BroadBand Bandwidth Usage

This is an easiest way to check your usage of your internet account. Whenever you wanna check your usage, it is necessary to go to those pages which take much time to load and it is a very time consuming task. In this topic you will get easiest way to check your usage or utilization in quick period of time.

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